Difficulty Ratings

Marcus Brody could complete this quest, and he got lost in his own museum once.

Harder than doing the truffle shuffle so you might want to pack a Baby Ruth in case you get hungry. A gadget or two from Data’s arsenal wouldn’t hurt either.

Grab your bullwhip and leather jacket because this adventure is taking you out of the library and your comfort zone.

You will need to choose wisely if you have any hope of completing this crusade. You’ll likely need all the help you can get so be sure to pack your Grail Diary.

Goonies never say die! That’s exactly the attitude you’ll need. This is a quest of epic proportions possibly requiring the combined efforts of Indiana Jones, Benjamin Gates, and Nathan Drake. Guaranteed to test both your intelligence and knowledge of Lancaster history. Don’t be surprised if it takes several days with visits to multiple locations to complete the adventure.



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