Haunted Lancaster Stories

Haunted Lancaster: The Legend of Ironville’s Headless Horseman

“I’ll be in Columbia by the stroke of midnight…or I’ll be in Hell!”

These words and an unfortunate accident forever cursed a headless horse rider to patrol the Pike between Ironville and Columbia. Legend says that on cold autumn nights in the minutes before midnight, the sounds of a galloping horse can be heard along Ironville Pike.

Haunted Lancaster: The tragic tale of Augusta Bitner and her wandering statue in Lancaster Cemetery

Founded in 1846, Lancaster Cemetery is home to the wandering ghost of Augusta Bitner. Legend holds this young woman died on her wedding day when she tumbled down the steps after tripping on her gown. Her granite statue is said to roam the cemetery at night.

Haunted Lancaster: The sad tale of Lover’s Leap at Chickies Rock

Native Americans have lived on or around Chickies Rock for thousands of years. The name comes from the Delaware word Chiquesalunga meaning “place of the crayfish.”As soon as people start living somewhere, death and murder soon follow.

The earliest legend at Chickies Rock involves the Susquehannocks and a tragic murder-suicide love triangle. Their ghosts still haunt the base and summit of the 200-foot tall jagged cliff.

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts or spectral apparitions, Chickies Rock is a place of death. At least 13 people have tumbled off the edge since 1981.

Haunted Lancaster: Meet Columbia’s Little Bigfoot—the Albatwitch

In the area of Chickies Rock near the ancient Susquehanna River, stories of a 4-foot-tall hairy ape-man fond of apples have existed since Native Americans dominated the region. As recently as 2002, people have seen the hairy beast. Click the link to learn about Columbia’s little bigfoot—the Albatwitch.

Haunted Lancaster: Haunted treasure lies hidden in Safe Harbor; chaotic spoils of the French & Indian War

In 1870, treasure hunters descended into Safe Harbor. Undercover of darkness, they searched for $4 million in buried French gold guarded by a “seven-foot-tall Indian Spirit.” Is there any truth to this #hauntedlancaster tale?

October 27: Tales of Ghosts & Adventure Online Presentation

If you want to hear even more haunted stories join me on Wednesday, October 27 at 6 pm via Zoom for an evening of ghost stories and tales of local horror as I share some of my favorite local legends and haunted myths from around the Susquehanna Valley. By the end of this entertaining presentation, you will know why Lancaster Conservancy insists you leave their preserves before dark. 👻

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