River View Hotel Visitor’s Guide: Part 3

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After a refreshing drink let us saunter slowly up the hill at the back of the spring. Here the rude handiwork of man is conspicuously absent, and one sees, on either hand, the inexorable workings of Nature’s laws. Now we come to a fallen tree, uprooted by the wind or blasted by the lightning; or perhaps an immense boulder, toppled from some greater height many years ago, blocks our path.

After a short, easy climb, we reach that mysterious phenomenon of nature known as the “Cold Cave.” Guarded by tremendous rocks which seem to challenge your approach, is the mouth, or entrance, of this prodigious natural refrigerator, for on the hottest summer day, there issues forth from its interior an air so frigid as to congeal your breath and send a wintry chill thru your body. With the aid of lanterns, the more courageous can explore the cave to quite a depth, although no one has ever discovered how great a distance the cavern does extend into the earth. Nor has any one satisfactorily explained the cause of this never-ending, never-varying current of icy air. Click here to read more about Cold Cave.

The Wonderful Cold Cave.

For those of a more strenuous turn of mind, there remain climbs to higher cliffs, chief among which is Table Rock, where the magnificent scenery of the Susquehanna winding its way between two beautifully wooded slopes, stretches before the eye for miles, in one grand panoramic view.

Billiard Room

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