River View Hotel Visitor’s Guide: Part 4

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A Suite of Rooms

As we return, we may take the choice of a number of paths, all alike bordered with the pretty wild flowers of this locality.

By the time you reach the hotel, you are ready for a rest–and dinner. And what an appetite one has! Nothing but this wonderful invigorating air, and the companionship of trees and flowers and hills can produce such an appetite. And no medicine ever put into a bottle can successfully take the place of a week’s sojourn in the open woods, where business cares, and the dust, and noise, and germ-laden air of the city, are as dreams long since forgotten.

No less interesting, no less attractive, than this little morning ramble, is the road along the beautiful Pequea creek, beginning just above the hotel, and extending for several miles thru a richly wooded ravine, fringed with the cedar and the chestnut, reminding one of the sublime canyons of Colorado and Wyoming, on a scale of lesser magnitude and solemnity, but of a more delicate beauty. Admirably suited for horseback riding and driving, it affords splendid opportunities for those enjoying such sports. For this purpose a livery stable is connected with the Hotel.

Evening brings us back to the hotel. And again that appetite—for supper, such appetite as “good digestion waits on; and health on both.”

Summer Garden

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