River View Hotel Visitor’s Guide: Part 5

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Lancaster and York Furnace Railway—along the Pequea Creek

In the changing twilight, as you sit on the spacious hotel porch looking thru the grove of trees that stand like grim sentinels guarding the place, over the mile-wide river, dotted with green islands and huge boulders worn smooth and round with the constant washing of the water, you see a picture such as no Whistler nor even Corot could paint, but which nature with her “matchless skill” has spread before you in indescribable beauty for all who care to behold.

As the dusk deepens, and the picture fades from view, there still remains the soothing music of the waves, continually breaking over the rocks and rolling downward on their endless journey.

In its wise distribution of the pleasures of outdoor life, Nature has not forgotten the angler in the immediate neighborhood of River-View. A mile and a half below the hotel is the mouth of the Tucquan Creek, which, tumbling down thru the woods and back country for many miles, is filled with the gamey brook trout. The fisherman will also find many a day’s sport on the river, where the small-mouthed black bass, salmon and rock fish abound in great plenty.

Nor is the toothsome shad a stranger to this vicinity, great catches being made during the whole season. And the hotel’s planked shad dinners have a reputation of which we may justly speak with pride.


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