River View Hotel Visitor’s Guide: Part 6

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A boating party.

Boating also is good; the boats being provided by the hotel management.

For the benefit of gunners, it may be stated that for the hunting season our woods are always kept well-stocked with game, such as partridges, pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, etc. Wild ducks are found along the banks of the Susquehanna. Target shooting can be also indulged In.

The sandy beaches of the river, sloping gradually into deeper water, afford excellent facilities for bathing, thus rounding out the completeness of River-View as an ideal summer resort. The bath houses are conveniently situated, and suits can be procured at the hotel.

During the summer months, a splendid orchestra is engaged for the entertainment of our guests and hops, and musicales are of nightly occurrence.

The culinary department is under the personal supervision of a caterer whose long and varied experience and connections with the very best hotels in the United States is sufficient guarantee that everything is as represented, the service being first-class in every respect.

Dining Room

Need anything more be said of this delightful retreat nestled among the hills along the Susquehanna? Need we speak of the beauties, of the comforts, the conveniences of the hotel itself? Of the large airy dining room and banquet hall, the spacious parlor, the tennis and croquet courts, the modern baths with sanitary plumbing, the summer garden, or the rich green lawn with its swings and rustic benches?

And yet you’ll really never know half the pleasures or half the comforts of this sojourn here until you come and experience them for yourself.

The most convenient way of reaching River-View Hotel is from Lancaster by the Lancaster, Millersville and York Furnace Trolley, leaving the Pennsylvania Railroad Depotevery hour, on the half-hour, to the hotel door. Buy round trip tickets from Lancaster to Pequea. The Hotel can also be reached by the Columbia & Port Deposit R. R.

Summer Garden

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