River View Hotel Visitor’s Guide: Part 7

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Analysis of the York Furnace Spring Water

State Normal School,
Millersville, Lancaster County, Pa., May 5, 1886.

Dear Sir:

I have analyzed the water that you sent me of the York Furnace Springs and report the following results:

This is the purest water I have ever examined, being almost free from those constituents by which waters are so often polluted. The traces of free and albuminous ammonia that it contains are doubtless due to small quantities of vegetable matter generally found in springs, and the trace of chlorine to common salt, a common constituent of natural waters.

The water is moreover thoroughly pure, not a trace of lime or magnesia has been discovered.

The great purity of this water, together with its softness and its coldness, render it very desirable for drinking and culinary purposes.

Yours very truly,

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