Water Week Adventures

Grab your fedora intrepid explorers because Lancaster Conservancy and Uncharted Lancaster have partnered to create two brand new awesome adventures—Climbers Run Adventure and Green Infrastructure Adventure—for this year’s Water Week, which runs August 7-15.

Green Infrastructure Adventure


Difficulty: 🤠🤠
Distance: Approximately two miles one way.
What to bring: An internet-connected device with GPS and a comfortable pair of sneakers.

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Grab your bike or a good pair of walking shoes and get ready to explore the incredible green infrastructure projects that are transforming the City of Lancaster. At each green infrastructure location, you will receive a clue to help you find a number hidden on a building, sign, or even a poll nearby! You will need each of those numbers at the end of your adventure to unlock a secret page that will reveal the sixth and final location where the treasure is hidden!

This limited-time urban adventure runs until Monday, September 7.

Climbers Run Adventure


Difficulty: 🤠🤠
Distance: Approximately two miles round trip.
What to bring: An internet-connected device with GPS, something to write with and on as you decipher the clues, and appropriate footwear. There’s definitely potential for wet feet!

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How does this adventure work?

Lace-up your shoes and pack a picnic lunch in preparation for exploring Climbers Run Nature Preserve. To decipher the five-letter passcode that locks the treasure at the end of the adventure, carefully examine the text at each checkpoint.

Click here to begin the adventure.

What is Water Week?


Leading the way to clean water by protecting over 6,000 acres of wild lands, the Lancaster Conservancy created Lancaster Water Week to connect us all to clean water. Lancaster’s 1,400 miles of streams and rivers drive local economic and agricultural growth. They are a place of recreation and the source of our drinking water. Water Connects Us All! Click here to learn more about Lancaster Conservancy’s Water Week.

About the Organizations

Uncharted Lancaster is a local history website that creates unique self-guided adventures to encourage people to get outside and explore the rich history and beauty of Lancaster County and surrounding areas.

The Lancaster Conservancy was founded in 1969 by anglers, hunters, farmers and naturalists who witnessed the rapid development and loss of lands. Today the Lancaster Conservancy manages 47 nature preserves and protects over 7,000 acres in Lancaster and York Counties. The nature preserves are managed to create habitat for animals, to protect plants and trees, and to provide public access to nature 365 days of the year from sunrise to sunset.