Side Quest: Forgotten Structure of the Susquehanna

This forgotten structure is less than 100 feet from the Susquehanna River, nestled beside the Columbia and Port Deposit Railroad.


Located between Shenks Ferry and Safe Harbor, it isn’t easy to guess its exact purpose. Opinions range from cold cellar to switching tower for the railroad.

During the late spring and summer, a turkey buzzard typically takes up residence inside. Approach with caution.

Jay Mackley from Facebook had this to say about the building.

Cold Cellar—left hand side is a water trough which would of had spring water running in to it, for storage  of milk cans, or anything you wanted to keep cold. The old timers also called them a “working spring house.”


Click here for the exact GPS location of this forgotten structure.

Note Well

Not to be a killjoy, but it is illegal to walk on railroad tracks. In fact, railroads are private property, unlike public trails, roads, or waterways. They are owned by the railroad that operates them. You are technically trespassing every time you walk on them without permission, except at grade crossings.

Walking, running, or driving down the railroad tracks or even alongside them can be extremely dangerous. You’ve been warned.

You could reach the structure by descending the steep slope from the Enola Low-Grade trail above.

It floats!
It floats!

Happy exploring!

Adventure Awaits!

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