Pequea Trolley Adventure

Uncharted Lancaster: Pequea Trolley Adventure

Difficulty: ūü§†ūü§†
Distance: 2.5 miles round trip. More if you do a lot of exploring off the main trail.
What to bring: Appropriate footwear. Phone service is non-existence along much of the trail so preload or save any web pages and/or images you need for finding the treasure cache.

If you want to learn¬†more about Lancaster County’s historic trolley lines before starting this adventure,¬†click here.

Finding the Pequea Trolley Trailhead

You can park near the intersection of River Road and 324. Click here for directions.¬†The parking area is highlighted in red and the trail is marked in white dotted lines on the map below. The trail is clearly marked and well worn. You can’t miss it.


Finding the Treasure Cache

Head down the Pequea Trolley trail from the former Martic Forge Hotel parking lot towards the rapids of Suzy’s Hole. There are two main sets of rapids. Go past the first set and position yourself in front of the second set of rapids as shown in the image below. It’s about a .85 mile walk to the treasure cache.

Position yourself in front of the rapids as shown in this picture.

Once you find the rapids, turn around to find the outcropping of rocks shown in the image below. Carefully climb onto the first ledge. A direct approach probably isn’t your best bet. Head to the area of the ledge in the lower right-hand corner of the photo.


Once on the ledge, go to the right-hand end of the ledge and locate the large shoebox sized cave. Look inside…if you dare.


This where you will find the treasure cache.


This map should get your close.

Aztec Death Whistle

If you are able to complete the Uncharted Lancaster: Pequea Trail Adventure you will be rewarded with a 3D printed Aztec Death Whistle.


Odd, skull-shaped items like these were found by archaeologists decades ago buried at an Aztec temple in Mexico. They were assumed to be mere toys or ornaments. But years later, experts discovered they were creepy ‚Äúdeath whistles.‚ÄĚ


When blown, the sounds created were described as terrifying. It has been characterized as the sound of a human howling in pain, spooky gusts of whistling wind, or the scream of a thousand corpses.

It is believed that ancient Aztecs may have used them during ceremonies, human sacrifices, or during battles to strike fear into their foe. Imagine the psychological effect of a hundred death whistles screaming in unison. The sound would have been powerful enough to unhinge and undermine the enemy’s resolve.


If the supply of¬†death whistles get low,¬†contact Uncharted Lancaster so we can refill the case. If you want to learn¬†more about Lancaster County’s trolley lines,¬†click here.

Thanks for playing!

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