Lime Kiln Adventure

Uncharted Lancaster: Lime Kiln Adventure

Difficulty: ūü§†ūü§†
Distance: Often 100 yards or less depending on where you park per lime kiln.
What to bring: Appropriate footwear as some minor bushwhacking may be required and an internet-connected device with GPS.

If you want to learn more about Lancaster County lime kilns before starting this adventure, click here.

Silver Mine Lime Kiln

For this adventure, you’re headed to the lime kiln in¬†Silver Mine Park. Not sure how where to go, click here.


From the parking lot, it’s a short 100-yard walk to the lime kiln. There’s also an old silver mine further up the trail but that’s a topic for another Uncharted Lancaster adventure. This is a great lime kiln to explore. For starters, it’s open to the public. Also, you can examine the kiln for both the bottom and top.

Silver Mine Lime Kiln

Once you get there, turn around and cross the small stream called Silver Mine Run. Almost directly across from the lime kiln find this outcropping of large rocks.


Between the two trees in the picture below, you will find a small backpack sized cave.


Look under the rock and debris and you will be rewarded with an Uncharted Lancaster briefcase.


But what’s inside the briefcase?


The copper bones. Goonies never say die!


If the supply of copper bones get low, contact Uncharted Lancaster so we can refill the case. If you want to learn more about Lancaster County lime kilns, click here.

Thanks for playing!

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