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Bausman’s Hollow Adventure

Explore Bausman’s Hollow along the western edge of Conestoga Township inside what is now called Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve. Along the banks of Grubb Run can be found the ruins of various long-abandoned stone foundations, dark tunnels, large culverts, the grounds of an exploded dynamite factory that claimed the lives of 11 men, and the nearly 300-year-old Benedict Eshleman Cemetery.

Climbers Run Adventure

Adventure through Climbers Run Nature Preserve with a new five-stop self-guided tour created by Lancaster Conservancy and Uncharted Lancaster for Water Week. Explore the trails and sections of the restored Climbers Run trout stream as you find and decipher the clues that will unlock the secret code to the treasure!

The Conestoga Area Historical Society Museum Search Adventure

Enjoy the Conestoga Area Historical Society Museum as you search for the answers in this educational mini-adventure for wooden nickel and arrowhead replica prizes.

Covered Bridge Adventure

About two miles from the Susquehanna River inside of Conestoga Township along the banks of the Pequea Creek was the small hamlet of Colemanville. This former town once boasted an iron-works, rolling mill, and forge as well as the homes of the many workers. It’s also home to the second-longest covered bridge in Lancaster County.

Enola Low-Grade Adventure

Cutting through the southern end like a demarcation line is one of the greatest feats of engineering marvels in Lancaster County—the Atglen & Susquehanna (A&S) Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) or commonly referred to today as the Enola Low Grade. The goal of this ambitious project? Create a low-grade railroad line with no slope steeper than one percent and no curve sharper than two degrees.

Easy on paper. 

Difficult in reality. 

Governor Dick Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Hidden deep in a rock shelter inside of Governor Dick Park is the final resting place for the lost Ark of the Covenant. Start the adventure of a lifetime today.

Haunted Indian Gold Adventure

In 1870, treasure hunters descended into Safe Harbor. Undercover of darkness, they searched for $4 million in buried French gold guarded by an “Indian Spirit.” Do you have what it takes to find the treasure?

Lime Kiln Adventure

These small medieval-looking fortresses were never strongholds charged with protecting local villagers but essential tools for building a civilization.

Milanof-Schock Library Book of Secrets Adventure

This limited-time Uncharted Lancaster adventure will have you exploring Mount Joy, Marietta, and Maytown as you attempt to unlock the resting place of the Book of Secrets hidden at the Milanof-Schock Library with fun prizes up for grabs! Don’t wait! The adventure ends on Labor Day 2022.

Pequea Trolley Adventure

One hundred years ago, the Conestoga Traction Company annually moved 12 million passengers to all corners of the County. Today almost all signs of this rail system have been erased. Join the search for the lost Pequea Trolley.

Rankin Treasure Adventure

Before having his property confiscated for being a traitor, British Loyalist James Rankin allegedly hid his entire fortune somewhere in Springettsbury Township. Is there any truth to this Revolutionary War treasure tale? Find out in this Uncharted Lancaster Adventure.

Safe Harbor Adventure

Along the Susquehanna at the mouth of the Conestoga River lies a village born in fire but died from ice. Survey the razed company ghost town of Safe Harbor.

Side Quests

Beautiful off-the-beaten-path places you can visit. There’s no treasure, but sometimes the journey is the reward.

Slackwater Navigation Adventure

Grab your fedora and pack your paddle intrepid explorers because the Conestoga River Club and Uncharted Lancaster have partnered to create the Slackwater Navigation Adventure for Lancaster Conservancy‘s 2021 Water Week festivities. This aquatic adventure has you exploring the Conestoga River along some of the old Conestoga Navigation Company canal route between Lock 5 (Rock Hill) and Lock 9 (Safe Harbor).

Sons of Liberty Adventure

This downtown urban adventure has you exploring the epicenter for the spirit of independence in Lancaster County. This password-protected adventure is only available to those who purchase the exclusive Sons of Liberty Adventure Bundle.

Sorceress of Lititz Adventure

In 1879, a rag-tag group of Christmas day-born treasure hunters led by the “Sorceress of Lititz” Hannah Hetherley set out to find buried riches hidden near downtown Lititz. Legend holds, that they found it, but the magic protecting the cache was too powerful to allow its removal. Can you break the spell?

Tunnels of Enola Adventure

Hidden beneath the Tunnels of Enola lies a cache of jewels. If you can decipher the clues concealed in a thief’s diary, the treasure could be yours.

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