Hi, my name is Adam. Growing up in the 80s, I enjoyed watching movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Goonies. Later it was National Treasure and Ready Player One as well as the epic video game series Uncharted. When I wasn’t watching one of these movies, I was cosplaying it. An old bicycle wrench was my Copper Bones. A surplus WWII gas mask bag became my Indiana Jones side bag.

My original Copper Bones–an old bicycle wrench.

I’ve always wanted to experience an adventure similar to one of my heroes, and that got me thinking. Why not? Why couldn’t I have an adventure like one of my favorite characters, learn some local history, and maybe even find an artifact or some treasure along the way?

Maybe I couldn’t, but I could create them for other people. From this, the idea for Uncharted Lancaster was born. The elevator pitch sounds like this: National Treasure meets local history. OR It’s like geocaching only better!

Not much has changed in the past 30 years, except my toys have gotten more film accurate…and expensive.

Armed with a basement full of maker space equipment, volumes of Lancaster County history, classic movie prop replicas, I began constructing various adventures for Uncharted Lancaster.

If you haven’t experienced an Uncharted Lancaster adventure yet, what are you waiting for? You can start anytime. Who knows what you might find. The Copper Bones. Headpiece to the Staff of Ra. Take a loved one, and you might even find illumination.


Uncharted Lancaster

Discovering history through adventure.

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