Find my Easter Egg; win $1,500 in treasure hunting adventure

Shall we play a game?

Last spring, I held a real-life treasure hunt, and one lucky family walked away 1,000 bucks richer. Well, I’m doing it again with an even bigger prize of 1,500 dollars. To claim this year’s treasure, all you have to do is find my Easter egg.

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To aid you in your quest, I’ll be releasing five weekly clues beginning Saturday, April 9, 2022, when the treasure hunt launches. Here’s one to get you started:

Those able to successfully complete this exciting five-week expedition unlock the hiding place of my Easter egg that redeems for a 27-pound coin-laded treasure chest filled with $1,500 in one dollar coins.

Of course, when it comes to finding a treasure, it helps to have a treasure map. This one comes in the form of a beautiful 18″ x 24″ restored and edited 1821 map of Lancaster County by William Wagner.

You will need a treasure map to find my Easter Egg!

Wagner’s map is historically significant. It is the first official document to show Lancaster County’s modern iconic shape. Since its creation on May 10, 1729, Lancaster’s boundaries have changed several times over the decades, and it wasn’t until 1813 that it finally transformed into the diamond silhouette we recognize today. Order your treasure map from the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County’s website today!

How to Play

Playing is simple. Purchase your treasure map from the Trust and check Uncharted Lancaster’s website every Saturday at 7 am beginning April 9, 2022, for that week’s challenge. Next, solve the riddles and decipher the clues to unlock segments of the treasure’s GPS coordinates each week. Participants will be unable to claim my Easter egg until the final weekly clue is released on Saturday, May 7, 2022, at 7 am in this first-to-find winner takes all game of skill.

You will need a treasure map to find my Easter Egg!

Find a treasure. Preserve a treasure.

When you purchase a copy of the map, you also get a year’s membership in the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. Profits from this year’s treasure hunt are being used to kick start the Trust’s digital archiving project. This ambitious undertaking involves scanning their 160,000 artifact collection, including many one-kind items that highlight Lancaster County’s rich architectural heritage. The project is expected to cost upwards of $200,000. So while you are busy trying to find my treasure, you are helping the Trust preserve theirs.

Adventure Awaits!

Never miss a treasure hunting update or clue by signing up below and following Uncharted Lancaster on Facebook or Instagram.

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Purchase your treasure map today for a shot to claim your fortune and glory! The treasure hunt begins Saturday, April 9, 2022.

Good luck…and happy gunting!

Click here to read the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt FAQs

Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County

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The Trust was established in 1966 to help “stem the rapid destruction of historic properties in Lancaster County.” Through the years, the Trust has been active in preserving many historic properties in Lancaster County that contribute to their respective communities as unique places for people to live, work, and play.

Their equation for success has been working for over 50 years. Look around you and know that our advocacy and direct action have resulted in saving hundreds of historic structures and other sites throughout the county. The flip side is that not everything can and should be saved. The Trust continually faces this delicate balance and works closely with all parties involved to reach an equitable decision for all. Sadly, it sometimes takes an irreplaceable loss to a community before preservation moves higher on the priority list.

Follow the Trust on Facebook for more architectural information and history from all over Lancaster County. Learn more at their website, or better yet, consider becoming a member of the Trust today.

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