In the News: “Anonymous group wins Uncharted Lancaster treasure hunt” from LancasterOnline

In the News

From LancasterOnline, written by Mike Andrelczyk and published on May 22, 2022.

The early bird gets the 3D printed egg. Just ask the Night Owls, the winning team of Uncharted Lancaster’s five-week treasure hunt, who got up uncharacteristically early to locate the egg on May 7. The Night Owls discovered the 3D printed egg at 8:59 a.m., just two hours after the final clue was revealed.

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To read more about this year’s game and to stay up to date on future Uncharted Lancaster adventures visit Click any of the following links to see the weekly clues from the treasure hunt. Secondary prizes of 3D printed medallions and wooden nickels are still available. You can purchase a treasure map for the new low price of $25.

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Haubert / Heisey Award

A few days after presenting the winners of the treasure hunt with their prize, Zurn received his own award. The Historic Preservation Trust presented Zurn with the Haubert / Heisey Award for supporting the trust in an exemplary manner. 

LNP Sunday News

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