Sons of Liberty Adventure


Uncharted Lancaster: Sons of Liberty Adventure

Difficulty: šŸ¤ šŸ¤ 
Distance: Approximately one mile round trip with additional nearby side quest locations to expand your adventure.
What to bring: An internet-connected device with GPS.

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This downtown urban adventure has you exploring the epicenter for the spirit of independence in Lancaster County.

While no battles were fought here during the Revolutionary War, Lancaster Riflemen, and volunteers fought with distinction. In fact, at the outbreak of the Revolution, Lancastrians were among the first to march to Boston.Ā 

As the largest and wealthiest inland town in the colonies, Lancaster’s many influential patriots had a significant impact on the Revolutionary War. They played essential roles in creating our new government, as well as helping to feed, supply, and care for troops.

Service to the nation did not stop there. During the Civil War, Lancaster continued to pay the high price of freedom…often with their lives.


On the Sons of Liberty Adventure, you will discover the people and sometimes secret locations that helped shape America in her hour of need.

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