Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?  

Fortune and glorykidFortune and glory.

In the proud tradition of Forrest Fenn, Byron Preiss, and James Halliday, Uncharted Lancaster, in partnership with the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County, is excited to announce the next great treasure hunt. One that ends with a cash-filled loot box!

Artwork by the very talented Scott Cantrell.

Concealed inside the unblinking eye
there the great treasure lie.

Above is a single stanza from the poem that reveals the treasure’s location. It rhymes so you know it has to be true. 😉

This exclusive adventure is available only to members of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. Not a member? No problem. Click here and join at any level. The treasure hunt begins March 20, 2021.

Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County

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The Trust was established in 1966 to help “stem the rapid destruction of historic properties in Lancaster County.” Through the years, the Trust has been active in preserving many historic properties in Lancaster County that contribute to their respective communities as unique places for people to live, work, and play.

Their equation for success has been working for over 50 years. Look around you and know that our advocacy and direct action have resulted in saving hundreds of historic structures and other sites throughout the county. The flip side is that not everything can and should be saved. The Trust continually faces this delicate balance and works closely with all parties involved to reach an equitable decision for all. Sadly, it sometimes takes an irreplaceable loss to a community before preservation moves higher on the priority list.

Follow the Trust on Facebook for more architectural information and history from all over Lancaster County. Learn more at their website, or better yet, consider becoming a member of the Trust today. 

Scott Cantrell

Scott Cantrell is a working artist and teacher at Lampeter-Strasburg High School.

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Snapshot of Cantrell’s studio.

He works mostly with traditional art materials such as pencil, paper, paint, canvas, photo, and ink, referentially commenting on the illusions created with these materials. Utilizing these common artistic tools, he attempts to provide a home for the concept of memory within a seemingly practical context. 

Yet, Cantrell is always being reminded that memory is fleeting and that it is completely individual.  Driven by the fundamental fear of forgetting, ultimately a fear of death, his work is part of a grieving process, personal and historical, seeking some kind of resolution.  

Click here to visit Cantrell’s website. You can also see his stunning work on Instagram and Facebook.

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