Episodes 3 of ‘On the Edge with Lauren’ now available on YouTube

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Episode 3 of On the Edge with Lauren is now available on YouTube!

In this week’s show, I discuss the worst accident that has ever occurred in Lancaster County. At exactly 12:42 pm on June 9, 1906, 2,500 pounds of dynamite accidentally detonated.

The explosion obliterated a building and tore the 11 men inside to pieces so small that ten were utterly unidentifiable.

Learn the tragic but true story of what happened that hot June afternoon when you watch.

Visit YouTube for sneak peeks as well as full episodes you may have missed!

Some of the men killed (red) and injured (yellow) in the accident.

You can also read more about the terrible accident when you click here. You can even the site of the dynamite factory while on the Bausman’s Hollow Adventure.

One thought on “Episodes 3 of ‘On the Edge with Lauren’ now available on YouTube

  1. Nice informative piece.
    So many people don’t know of these things.
    Thanks for getting the information out there.

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