In the News: ‘Knowing Lancaster County’s rich history could earn you more than $3,000; here’s how’ from LancasterOnline

In the News

From the LancasterOnline written by Mike Andrelczyk published on March 14, 2021.

Everyone knows that Lancaster is rich with history, but now you can get a little richer by knowing some Lancaster history. Adam Zurn, creator of Uncharted Lancaster — the local history-based adventure website — and Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County have teamed up to create an epic six-week-long Secret Trust Adventure with a grand prize valued at more than $3,000.

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How to Play

This exclusive adventure is available only to members of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.

Not a member? No problem. Click here and join at any level.

Members receive a decoder paper with how to organize the GPS coordinates, a location poem to help further zero in on the location, and a claim code riddle.

How it Works

Each week on Saturday at 7 am, the next clue and location to explore will be revealed. Adventurers will need to visit a series of historic and architecturally significant Lancaster County locations as they solve puzzles or complete the tasks to reveal a portion of the treasure’s GPS coordinates.

Those able to complete the quest unlock the resting place of a cache that redeems for the coin-laded treasure chest.

Its finders keepers for the first person to finish this treasure hunt. However, keep in mind that the treasure is hidden in such a way that only official participants will be able to find and claim it—so be sure to purchase your Trust membership.

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Learn More

To learn more about the treasure hunt and how to participate, click here.

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