Secret Trust Adventure: Domain Lancaster

It’s Week 2 of the Secret Trust Adventure! While the loot crate filled with dollar coins and a fantasy-themed treasure map painting by artist Scott Cantrell has been found, we have decided to keep things interesting by creating a second-place prize consisting of $200 in coins. However, in order to claim the prize, you will need to successfully complete all weekly challenges in addition to finding the hidden cache.

Of course, the journey is often the reward. Anyone who finds the hidden cache described in the poem can claim a 3D printed Secret Trust Adventure commemorative medallion from the box.

Week 2 Challenge

Your quest to find the treasure continues at Domain Lancaster! To complete this week’s challenge, visit their three locations in the order that the buildings were constructed. Hint: You will have to do some internet sleuthing, starting with the Domain Lancaster’s website to find the answers. Next, carefully examine each building’s windows for a list of integers. Decipher the significance of each one to reveal the missing digits. Consider grabbing a pair of binoculars before you go.

As you travel across the county, this charted trip will have you driving through the city but not a bridge.

Don’t forget that to unlock the final hiding place, you need the decoder paper. Get yours when you become a member of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. Click here to join. If you missed Week 1 of the Secret Trust Adventure, it’s not too late. Click here to complete week 1’s challenge.

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What is Domain Lancaster?

Domain Lancaster is a collection of fully renovated, historically significant buildings throughout Lancaster County that provide private office solutions.  Their spaces are home to a creative and diverse group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, designers, artists, and non-profits whose work makes a difference locally and globally.  It’s their “play” on co-working.

All of the spaces include the amenities a business needs to succeed: private office, conference rooms, high-speed internet, collaboration, copiers/scanners/printers, parking, 24/7 access, and even event space. All of this and more is included for one all-inclusive, monthly investment starting at $100/month for a desk and $200/month for a private office.

Lancaster County has needed unique spaces strategically located throughout the county, where you can collaborate when others want to, focus when you have to, and make a private call when you need to. The spaces provide everything a business needs to grow without having to invest in that infrastructure.

Thank you to Domain Lancaster for sponsoring week 2 of the Secret Trust Adventure.


Warehouse210 is located in the Jacob L. Frey Tobacco Warehouse and is on the National Register of Historic Places. This urban warehouse is behind the Fulton Theatre and Millersville University Ware Center. With a walk score of 99, it’s the place to work in downtown Lancaster.

State & Main

State & Main began life as the Stauffer General Store in modern-day East Petersburg. Interesting fun fact, before 1812, the area was informally known as “Heckel Stettle.” Click here to learn more about the name change. Later, the post office took up residence in the building.

Eventually, the property became home to Haydn Zugs Restaurant until 2013. In 2016, Domain Lancaster purchased the building. It has since been beautifully and painstakingly restored.

State & Main is conveniently located with easy access to Route 30 & 283.  With 29,000 cars a day passing by and plenty of parking available, it offers amazing exposure for any business that calls it home.


Domain Lancaster’s newest property is Otto79. It’s a collaborative workspace with mainly private offices but also some retail space as well. Located in downtown Lititz, the building is named after Dr. Frederick Otto. Otto was Lititz’s first physician. He also operated the first drug store in Lancaster County at this location. While the second-story addition conceals some of the original building, its first-floor interior is little changed.

Otto79 is home to a creative and diverse group of small business owners, community leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, designers, and non-profits whose work is helping locally and globally.

Recently named the “Coolest Small Town in America,” Lititz has a great collection of shops and restaurants, making this an awesome place to locate your business.  Thousands of people will see your business daily by car and on foot.

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