Bob the Stumbling Ghost of F&M’s Wohlsen Admission House

Wohlsen Admission House at Franklin & Marshall College.

Constructed in 1929 for use as the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house, the Wohlsen Admission House at Franklin & Marshall College is allegedly haunted by a young man named Bob, who died there many years ago after falling down the stairs.

People report hearing the sound of slamming doors in the middle of the night when no one else is there.

Paranormal activity seems to be concentrated in the basement, usually happening to women. Once, while working alone in the basement, a secretary heard a loud bang on the stairs. When she investigated, nothing was there.

📷: Franklin & Marshall College Alumni PJ Howard ’21

On another occasion, two women were working in the basement one night when they saw a man walk into view and then disappear behind a wall.

Sometimes, the lights will suddenly go out. But if you yell, “Knock it off, Bob!” the lights turn back on.

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Planning Your Visit

Wohlsen Admission House is located at 637 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603.


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