Art: The Pennsy Running on Time

Whoo-o-o . . . . Who-o-o . . . . Whoo, Whoo-o-o-o . . . .…

Art: Smith Tower on the Enola Low Grade

Pennsylvania Railroad's mightly M1 steam locomotive No. 6857 blasting its way westward past Smith Tower.

Art: ‘Doodle-Bug’ motor car of Mountville

"Doodle-Bug" motor car of Mountville pulls in on a cold winter morning with the day's mail.

Art: Manheim Trolley through Kauffman’s Park

Manheim Trolley

Art: Pequea Trolley in Martic Forge

Pequea Trolley in Martic Forge

Side Quest: Why does the Enola Low-Grade have a medieval castle turret?

This isn't a medieval castle turret overlooking the Enola Low-Grade. It's the gatehouse to a 500,000-gallon…

‘Colonel’ John Mead: the enigmatic ‘Gentleman Bum’ of the River Hills

Discover the mysterious life of "Colonel" John Mead, a man who spent the last 25 years…

Side Quest: Rediscover this lost locomotive knuckle coupler

For those brave enough to venture below Enola Low-Grade, scores of beautifully constructed tunnels and culverts…

Visit the ambitious Lancaster County engineering project that killed 200 men and cost half a billion dollars. Traverse the Enola Low-Grade Rail Trail.

The Enola Low-Grade Line was the engineering marvel of its day. More earth was moved in…