Lancaster’s bizarre treasure hunting superstitions

Finding buried treasure in Lancaster County isn’t as simple as grabbing a metal detector. Like all good stories, a bit of superstition and sometimes the supernatural are required to locate your “fortunate and glory.”

It’s unknown if these treasure hunting ideas are Pennsylvania Dutch or Scots-Irish in origin or a blending of the two. Regardless, they put forth an interesting map for finding the riches.

For example, digging for treasure must be done at night. Also, no talking is allowed out of fear that the riches will vanish.


Salt is to be scattered around the dig site to protect against witches, and carrying coffin nails will ward off evil spirits.


Fortunately, you don’t technically have to do any of that while searching for treasure on an Uncharted Lancaster adventure . . . but it wouldn’t hurt.

There are several treasure-laden adventures to choose from and scores of side quests to explore. Coffin nails are optional!

Start yours today!

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