In the News: ‘Group retraces historic fur trade portage route’ from LancasterOnline

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From the LancasterOnline written by Ad Crable published on January 10, 2021.

On December 30, 2020, I joined a group of local history enthusiasts to lug an 85-pound canoe over 200 yards across swampy manure filled fields in Berks County to reenact the route fur traders once used more than 250 years ago.

Why I did this is a fascinating story. Ad Crable from LancasterOnline explains why in the January 10, 2021 edition of the newspaper. Click here to read his article online.



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Click here to read my account of the fur trade portage reenactment here. You can also read photographer and portage party co-founder Don Kautz’s account of the expedition by clicking here.

One thought on “In the News: ‘Group retraces historic fur trade portage route’ from LancasterOnline

  1. Brookfield Renewable owns land in both Manor and Conestoga Twps that were historically owned by James Logan. There is an undeveloped hiking easement held by Manor Twp on the Manor Twp side of the Conestoga River from the silver bridge at Safe Harbor and Conestoga Blvd to Creek Road.. On the Conestoga Twp side there is a house built on top of a stone foundation that could be a possible James Logan’s trading post, one of many! Native American honoring is necessary and to be included.

    Working with Brookfield Renewable to make the house foundation and land into a Heritage Park has mostly failed. Research requests on and for the site have also failed. Two years ago I presented a two day workshop/presentation for such including the release of the book Ghost River. I also have worked staff at Stenton Hall, Germantown home of James Logan, Circle Legacy, and the Lancaster Historical Society. All agree that a Heritage Park would complement local history and 2029 Tricentennial efforts mentioned by Ben Webber and others.

    I am willing to share my file efforts with another serious research person who already knows some local history about the Conestoga Road to Philly and the commission of the Conestoga Wagon. I also want the Conestoga Historical Society to be included.

    You may contact me at this email:, Christine Brubaker

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