In the News: ‘On the Edge with Lauren’ television show

In the News

On Saturday, January 23, I was honored to be one of the inaugural guests on the brand new television show, On the Edge with Lauren. If you missed the episode, here’s this week’s schedule. Find it Comcast channel 66.

  • Monday, Jan 25 at 7 PM
  • Tuesday, Jan 26 at 10 AM
  • Wednesday, Jan 27 at 12 noon
  • Thursday, Jan 28 at 10 PM
  • Friday, Jan 29 at 3 PM

If you have a Roku or Amazon Fire TV, download the DB&A app and watch there. Currently, the show is on a loop that pop-ups about every 45 mins.

The first clip appeared on the show and the other two ended up on the editing room floor due to time constraints. Enjoy!

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