Meet professional treasure hunter W.C. Jameson

With Uncharted Lancaster’s real-life treasure hunt coming later this spring, I thought you might enjoy some tales of adventure involving lost buried treasures.

Meet W.C. Jameson. He is an American writer, author, singer/songwriter, and a professional treasure hunter.

For about 40 years, Jameson has searched for and recovered buried treasure – gold bars, silver ingots, ancient artifacts. And he’s done it in secret.

When not looking for lost riches, Jameson is an author. His Buried Treasures of America series numbers 36 books and counting. I have read several of them. In fact, Jameson is the best selling treasure author in America. He even served as a consultant for the film National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage.

Listen as Jameson shares one story that involves a lost silver mine, a missing person, being shot at, and an earth-shaking explosion. Click the link below to listen as W.C. Jameson tells the story himself.

If you would prefer to read the transcript, click here.

Secret Treasure Hunt Adventure

Click here to learn more about Uncharted Lancaster’s real-life treasure hunt. This adventure ends with a loot crate filled with over a thousand dollars in $1 coins. Coming Spring 2021.

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