Lancaster’s own Gold Klondike along the banks of the Pequea in Herrville

With Uncharted Lancaster’s real-life treasure hunt beginning on April 9, 2022, I thought you might enjoy some local tales of adventure involving lost buried treasures. Click the link to learn more about this exciting five-week expedition to unlock the hiding place of my Easter egg that redeems for a 27-pound coin-laded treasure chest filled with $1,500 in one dollar coins.

Lancaster’s Own Klondike

According to the December 29, 1900 edition of the Semi-Weekly New Era in Lancaster gold was discovered in Herrville along the bank of Pequea creek.

See the article below.

Here’s the community of Herrville south of Willow Street.

Other Herrville Mysteries

This isn’t the first mysterious mention of Herrville in a Lancaster newspaper. Thirty years earlier, The Daily Evening Express wrote about a “Subterranean Lake” in the area containing fish “devoid of eyes. The body of water inside had “never been fathomed being beyond the reach of a sounding line.”

Read the full article and where the subterranean lake can be found here.


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