A Brief History of Colemanville United Methodist Church

The then called Colemanville Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1849 by members of the church at Mount Nebo in Martic Township. The original members were Morris Clark, James A. Ewing, George McCombs, Benjamin Stoner, and Daniel Keller.

This same group also constituted the first board of trustees and building committee. Also in 1849, the brick structure was erected and dedicated by Rev. J. Sanderson, who served as pastor for two years.

Colemanville United Methodist Church on a cold winter night.

The wife of Edward Coleman, who had built the nearby forge, rolling mill, and town that took his in 1828, donated the land.

That first year, Colemanville Methodist had 30 members. By 1924, the membership had grown to 44. All of this, according to the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a History published in 1924.

The church in June of 1906.

For more than 170 years, Colemanville United Methodist Church has served the Conestoga community and is currently led by Pastor Derrick Gutierrez.

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