Week 2: The hunt for my $1,500 Easter Egg continues!

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Welcome to Week 2 of my $1,500 Easter Egg Treasure Hunt! A real-life chance at fortune and glory that ends with a 27-pound loot crate filled with $1,500 in one-dollar coins. Of course, when it comes to finding a treasure, you need to have a treasure map. Click here to purchase yours.

Week 2 Riddle

Here is week 2’s riddle. Good luck…and happy gunting! If you are curious how your fellow gunters are performing, check out the leaderboard.

Hint: The password is case sensitive with no spaces between words.

Once you have the solution, click here to access part two of this week’s challenge.

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How it Works

Every Saturday at 7 am beginning April 9, 2022, a new riddle is revealed. Its solution unlocks the page with that week’s second clue. Finding the answer to the first riddle often involves visiting the hinted upon location.

The second clue will have adventurers visiting various spots in the region as they gather segments of the treasure’s GPS coordinates. Those able to successfully complete the five-week quest unlock the resting place of my Easter egg that redeems for the coin-laded treasure chest.

How to Play

Playing is simple. Purchase your treasure map from the Trust and check Uncharted Lancaster’s website every Saturday at 7 am beginning April 9, 2022, for that week’s challenge. Next, solve the riddles and decipher the clues to unlock segments of the treasure’s GPS coordinates each week. Participants will be unable to claim my Easter egg until the final weekly clue is released on Saturday, May 7, 2022, at 7 am in this first-to-find winner takes all game of skill.

Find a treasure. Preserve a treasure.

When you purchase a copy of the map, you also get a year’s membership with the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. Profits from this year’s treasure hunt are being used to kick start the Trust’s digital archiving project. This ambitious undertaking involves scanning their 160,000 artifact collection, including many one-kind items that highlight Lancaster County’s rich architectural heritage. The project is expected to cost upwards of $200,000. So while you are busy trying to find my treasure, you are helping the Trust preserve theirs.

Adventure Awaits!

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Click here to read the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt FAQs

5 thoughts on “Week 2: The hunt for my $1,500 Easter Egg continues!

  1. Given the nature of last weeks solution, is it safe to assume these answers are not strictly connected to Lancaster County.

  2. Im confused as to what part of the riddle we are after. Are we looking for the place in the 1st line, the person referenced by the next 2, or the person in the last line? It’s frustrating because think I tried all 3 with my current theory, but did I spell something wrong, or think I tried something and didn’t. I could be barking up the totally wrong tree but being unsure as to the correct part of the riddle…
    If some general help as to the part of the riddle is allowed that would be awesome, if not this is still a really cool idea I just need to be smarter or find better team mates

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