Haunted Lancaster: ‘Portals to Hell’ – Fulton Theatre

If you have Discovery+ OR Max, check out season 2, episode 16 of Portals to Hell. Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman visit Lancaster’s Fulton Theatre to “face off against startling paranormal activity.” I helped with some of the research for the episode and even got a film credit. I still need to set up my IMDB page. 😉

Adam Zurn, Uncharted Lancaster, consulting historian

Here’s the link to watch the full episode if you have Discovery+: https://discoveryplus.com/…/portals-to-hell/fulton-theatre

Here’s the link to watch on Max: https://play.max.com/video/watch/05174f98-31af-4742-836d-6e608ceb989f/e2c9c387-5d7d-4f70-997f-9d33e0736c5c (The links works on desktop).

Episode Description

Jack and Katrina travel to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to investigate the Fulton Theatre, a paranormal hot spot built on the site of a horrific massacre. They uncover a haunted history that reveals even the dead can be entertained by the living.

Jack and Katrina inside the Fulton Theatre

Here’s an eight-minute clip from the episode.

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Haunted Lancaster: Massacre of the Conestoga

On December 27, 1763, vigilantes broke into the Lancaster County workhouse to massacre the last of the Conestoga. It was, without question, Lancaster’s darkest hour. The slaughtered remains of these once proud Native Americans were interred on the future Duke Street garage grounds.

Both sites are said to be haunted. Ear-piercing screams of the murdered Conetogas sometimes echo through the building. Meanwhile, at the Duke Street Garage, people claim to see shadowy figures darting around the various floors. Click the link to read more.

Lancaster’s Darkest Chapter: The Massacre of the Conestoga

James Witmer’s 1842 lithograph ‘Events in Indian History.’

At daybreak on December 14, 1763, it was the beginning of the end for the Conestoga Indians when more than 50 Paxton Boys attacked the last of a once-powerful tribe in their small village outside of Millersville. Click the link to read the full account.

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