Week 5: Jewel of the Susquehanna treasure hunt comes to its thrilling conclusion!

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The final day of the💎 Jewel of the Susquehanna treasure hunt is here! As this epic adventure comes to its thrilling conclusion, four clever teams will walk away hundreds of dollars 💰 richer.

The first team to complete this quest receives an 18-pound coin-laden puzzle box (worth $350) filled with $1,125 in one dollar coins and other prizes. Second and third-place finishers receive $500 and $250, respectively. The team with the highest score and was not one of the first three teams to find the Jewel of the Susquehanna wins the fourth-place leaderboard prize of $125.

The cut-off for the leaderboard prize is 11:59 pm on the day the Jewel of the Susquehanna is found (mostly likely Saturday, May 13, 2023). Keep an eye on the competition with the Jewel of the Susquehanna Leaderboard or heatmap.

Good luck…and what a ride, huh? Whoo! I’m telling you, this is turning out to be one hell of a morning.

Week 5A Challenge

Once you have the solution, click here to access the Week 5B challenge.

Hint: The password is all lowercase with no spaces between words.

Note Well

Here are a few things to note for the last day of the treasure hunt. To help you identify that you are in the correct location, the final marker will be attached to a tree in plain sight. The password needed to claim your prize will be embossed on the correct marker.

Please only log your progress once. If you see the confirmation screen in the Google Form, you can rest assured the results went through. While it may take a few minutes for the results to display on the web-based leaderboard, I can see them immediately on the server side and will directly contact the first three teams who complete the adventure using the provided phone number in their registration.

Directly behind the marker a few feet away, hidden in a rock outcropping, is a waterproof ammo container filled with plastic gems and jewels consultation prizes for everyone who completes the Jewel of the Susquehanna treasure hunt.

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Adventure Awaits!

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