Slackwater Navigation Adventure: Getting Started limited bandwidth


To reveal the treasure’s location, correctly answer the following seven clues on your expedition down the Conestoga River. Depending on your location on the river, reception can be limited and sometimes non-existent. Here’s a printer-friendly PDF for you to print or save to your phone

Clue 1. Before embarking on your aquatic voyage, explore the nearby ruins. Look for a plaque dedicated to James Kilby. Record the smallest number listed. (39.962831, -76.364608)

Clue 2. As you float beneath the old 1923 iron truss Rock Hill bridge, look up. The ceiling resembles a Roman numeral. Record the number. (39.961610, -76.365734)

Clue 3. Disembark at Pickle Run and explore inside the tunnel. Find the two-digit year that Larry wrote his name in the wet concrete. (39.945302, -76.367571)

Clue 4. Before passing beneath the River Road bridge, go ashore to explore Lock 8 inside of Safe Harbor Park. Standing at the northern end of the lock ruins, count the number of stones stacked in the first column on the left while looking downstream. Record the number. (39.939724, -76.386892)

Clue 5. As you paddle beneath the River Road Bridge in Safe Harbor, look up. Count the number of joists (box beams) that appear to run the entire length of the bridge. (39.939111, -76.387278)

Clue 6. After arriving at the canoe launch, locate the Port of Lancaster sign. (39.927417, -76.383867) From this location, walk south towards the Safe Harbor trestle. Hidden behind the guardhouse near the mouth of the Conestoga, you will find another sign dedicated to some of Lancaster’s earliest inhabitants. Record the year it was broken.

Clue 7. Record the sum of the first six clues added together. Use the sum to unlock the next location.

When you have the sum after answering the seven clues, click here.