Independence comes to Lancaster but not until July 8

In a time before social media, news traveled slowly. Word of the Declaration of Independence's signing…

The American Revolution comes to Lancaster

When did the American Revolution begin for Lancaster? June 15, 1774.

Liberty Bond House: the miniature version of the colonial era Penn Square courthouse hiding in Buchanan Park

Believe it or not, there's a miniature replica of the 1787-1853 Penn Square courthouse in Buchanan…

Lancaster’s old Courthouse: Witness to Great Moments in American History

Great moments in American history took place in Penn Square, many inside the old Lancaster courthouse.

Art: Lancaster County Courthouse 1875

Here is the Lancaster County Courthouse, as seen in the '1875 Historical Atlas of Lancaster County.'

The day Lancaster was the nation’s capital

September 27 On this day in 1777, Lancaster became the nation’s capital when fourteen members of…

Was Lampeter named after handicapped tavern keeper Peter Yeordya?

Legend has it Lampeter was named after an early resident and disabled tavern keeper, Peter Yeordya.…