Side Quest: Journey to the watery center of Tobe Run Lair

Here’s another great side quest that came via a hot tip courtesy of Topo Ranger.

Inside the Lair of Tobe Run looking out.

If you follow Tobe Run downstream from the intersection of Old Holtwood Road and Old Pinnacle Road, you will find the Lair. It’s a 30-foot long section of rock only a few feet wide in places carved out by thousands of years of water flow. However, it is only accessible from the downstream side.

Peering into the lair’s depths.

Finding the Lair at Tobe Run

You can access the lair by hopping the guard rail on Old Holtwood Road. For the exact GPS location of the Lair at Tobe Run, click here. It’s a steep descendant into the ravine that hides it and is only accessible to the most adventurous explorers. You might want to take 100 feet of rope to aid your expedition down the bank. 

Once you get to the bottom of the ravine finding the lair is a relatively easy task.

Looking upstream towards the Tobe Run Lair.

This waterfall is your reward if you are brave enough to venture inside.

FYI: Topo Ranger is probably the best Instagram account and YouTube channel you aren’t following.

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