1978 map of Lancaster County’s creeks, towns, and hills

If you love old maps like me, then you will enjoy this one from Gerald S. Lestz’s A Child’s Guide to Lancaster County drawn by John Jarvis.

A Child’s Guide to Lancaster County

Published in 1978, this map highlights the many creeks, towns, and hills of Lancaster County.

Illustration by Mr. John Jarvis

John Jarvis’ Prints for Sale

If you want to get your hands on a piece of John Jarvis’ artwork, the Historic Preservation of Lancaster County has 26″ x 20″ prints of The Pequea Valley poster for sale for the low price of $25, including shipping on their website. You can learn more about the Pequea Valley when you click here.

The Pequea Valley Poster


One thought on “1978 map of Lancaster County’s creeks, towns, and hills

  1. To be more helpful and educate, I suggest you scan the books you keep resourcing as did the Conestoga River Club with the Conestoga River Guides by Earle Rebman and the Conestoga Valley Association.
    This seems like a more fair example of publishing and educating for the public since the books are out-of-print. I own and use all of them, but I am lucky.
    Christine Brubaker

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