Secret Trust Adventure: Vinegar’s Ferry

The final week of the Secret Trust Adventure has arrived! At the end of your quest awaits a $200 filled mini-chest! To claim the treasure, you must find the hidden cache and have the correct GPS digits as revealed through the weekly challenges. Even if you aren’t the first (technically the second) person to find the hidden cache, you can still claim a 3D printed Secret Trust Adventure commemorative medallion from inside the box.

The “serial number” has been blurred out of the image above.

Final Challenge

To unlock the final pair of GPS coordinates, locate the mysterious stone-carved arch belonging to the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland on the Susquehanna River near Vinegar Ferry Road in Marietta. Click here to learn more about the enigmatic petroglyph.

Planning Your Visit

Under normal conditions, the carving is accessible without the aid of a boat. When I visited this winter, I was able to walk to it without getting my feet wet. However, when I was there earlier this week, I had to wade out. It took some effort, but I did manage to keep my shorts dry. I would strongly suggest appropriate footwear such as water socks or old sneakers. A bathing suit or a change of clothes might not be a bad idea either.

Please keep in mind that after a heavy rain, accessing the carving could be dangerous. Please use proper judgment when you visit. No treasure is worth getting hurt or dying over.

Revealing the Code

To the lower right of the arch is what appears to be a six-character (one letter followed by five numbers) serial number. A damp sponge wiped over the dry rock will help to clarify the image.

Consider saying the elvish word for friend when you are there. Perhaps the Doors of Durin will open for you. If so, watch out for goblins!

Once you have the “serial number,” click here. Enter any letters as a capital.

Claiming the Treasure

To claim the $200 filled mini-chest, you must be able to do the following three things:

  1. Find the hidden cache. Contact information will be located inside.
  2. Have the correct GPS digits as revealed throughout the seven challenges. I will ask for them.
  3. Have the answer to the claim code riddle found on the decoder paper. I will ask for this too.


One thought on “Secret Trust Adventure: Vinegar’s Ferry

  1. I looked for the Vinegar Ferry clue yesterday, a beautiful day. I failed. That section of shoreline was a pile of twisted trees and flotsam. Borderline dangerous. Maybe I’m just chicken.

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