In the News: ‘The “Alcatraz” of Sun Country’ – The Sun

Earlier this month, I took a reporter from Hummelstown’s newspaper The Sun to State Game Lands 145 near Mt. Gretna to show her the remains of the started but never completed Maximum Security Prison slowly being swallowed by the dense forest.

Machete in hand, we bushwhacked our way through the undergrowth to find some of the lost remains.

The revolutionary design would have made the penitentiary both escape and riot-proof. Shown below is an artist’s rendering of the jail overlaid on a LiDAR image of the site. Be sure to click here to read the full article by reporter Olivia Lewis for The Sun.

Click here to read my article about the proposed prison, plus see LiDAR imagery that highlights what work was completed.

Click here to read more about the prison here.

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