Haunted Lancaster: Chickies Rock’s Shadowy Hat Man

Chickies Rock

Located between the boroughs of Columbia and Marietta is Chickies Rock. At over 422 acres, it is the county’s second-largest regional park. Its most notable feature is the massive outcropping of quartzite rock towering 200 feet above the river. The vista offers impressive views of York County, the borough of Marietta, and the farmlands of northwestern Lancaster County.

The view from atop Chickies Rock.

The area once boasted seven iron furnaces, rolling mills, a canal, and a trolley line. Remnants of furnaces, canal walls, and trolley-line grades are still visible today.

The rock and surrounding land seem to possess a certain magnetism. Hundreds of years ago, it attracted Native Americans. The name Chickies Rock comes from the Lenape word Chiquesalunga meaning “place of the crayfish.” There is a nearby stream with the same name. Technically, it is now called Chiques Creek. The name changed from Chickies Creek in 2002.

Today, the park attracts dog walkers, hikers, and picnickers. But it has always attracted mystery. The area is filled with century-plus-old stories of ghosts, monsters, and even a curse. The earliest legends involve the Susquehannocks that once lived in the area.

Looking up from the bottom of Chickies Rock.

Shadowy Hat Man

As recently as 2004, a tall shadowy silhouetted man wearing a fedora-style hat and flowing cape was spotted at Chickies Rock. Shadow people are supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen flickering on walls and ceilings in the viewer’s peripheral vision. They are often reported moving with quick, jerky movements and quickly disintegrate into walls or mirrors. They are believed to be evil and aggressive in nature.

Similarly, dressed specters exist in Native American lore throughout the country. They seem to be fond of remote areas and usually seen standing atop cliffs and hills, where they act like sentries or guards.

While some believe it is the ghost of Wanunga from a tragic murder-suicide love triangle, others think this Susquehannock apparition is warning people to stay off sacred Native American grounds.

Hikers also report hearing ghostly drumming. No one has ever been able to locate the source of the drumming despite many attempts.

Where to Find It

The summit of Chickies Rock can be reached after an easy .45-mile hike from the Chickies Rock County Park parking lot. Click here for directions.

Adventure Awaits!

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