Haunted Lancaster: The Ghost of General ‘Mad Anthony’ Wayne and his Missing Bones (video)

If you missed one of my four “Ghost Stories and Tales of the Unknown” presentations this month, here is one of the stories I told: The Ghost of General ‘Mad Anthony’ Wayne and his Missing Bones. Click here to read the entire legend

Adventure Awaits!

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More Haunted Lancaster

Haunted Lancaster: The Wandering Wight of Twin Oaks Swimming Pool

A wandering wight has been repeatedly spotted along Ironville Pike near the now-defunct Twin Oaks Swimming Pool. Could this be the ghost of Dolores Wright, who tragically drowned at the pool in 1945, attempting to make her way home almost 80 years after her death? Click the link to learn more. Click the link to read the full story.

The White Werewolf and the Full Moon Curse of Shock Graveyard

Legend holds that anyone foolish enough to walk seven times around Hans Graf Cemetery under the light of the full moon will perish before sunrise, hunted down by the werewolf who guards the graveyard. While I’m not superstitious or even a “littlestitious,” I don’t make it a habit of walking around cemeteries in the middle of the night. Tread with caution. Click here to read the whole legend and the history of Hans Graf Cemetery.

Meet Columbia’s Little Bigfoot—the Albatwitch

At Chickies Rock near the ancient Susquehanna River, stories of a 4-foot-tall hairy ape-man fond of apples have existed since Native Americans dominated the region. As recently as 2020, people have seen the hairy beast. Click the link to learn about Columbia’s little bigfoot—the Albatwitch.


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