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Of course, anyone looking for buried treasure hopes to claim their fortune and glory when they find the hidden cache. During the Jewel of the Susquehanna treasure hunt, four clever teams did that by walking away hundreds of dollars richer. Returning champions, The Night Owls finished the 2023 epic local history adventure first to claim the $1,125 prize. Team FAithYA placed second, winning $500, and Triples is Best took third and the $250 prize. Team Strybos claimed the fourth-place leaderboard prize by earning 95,400 points. They were also the fifth team to find the treasure.

Interestingly enough, even the teams that did not win found themselves richer, having experienced the adventure—many teams left with a lifetime of fun memories. Most teams comprised a group of close friends or families, often multi-generational. For example, Team Strybos had three generations of treasure hunters. Look out, Benjamin Gates!

Look at some of the posts and comments various teams had after completing the Jewel of the Susquehanna treasure hunt.

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