Tunnels of Enola: Lost Diary

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In addition to being a thief, the man was also a talented artist. The pages of his diary are filled with sketches of the various tunnels hidden beneath the Enola Low-Grade. Unfortunately, none of them are labeled beyond an accompanying cryptic mathematical phrase.

Step 1

Download or print the pages of the diary. You will need them on your adventure. Here’s a downloadable version of the diary

diary page1

diary page2

diary page 3

diary page 4

diary page 5

diary page 6

diary page 7

diary page 8

Step 2

Match each of the four tunnels between Shenks Ferry and Safe Harbor with a page from the diary.

Step 3

Each tunnel has a pair of two-digit numbers painted on them. They once served as a mile marker from the Enola station. You will need to locate the set of numbers at each tunnel. They are always on the entrance facing away from the Susquehanna River

They are not always in the same spot, so be prepared to look around. 

Step 4

Using the phrase on the diary page for the corresponding tunnel, obtain a piece of the password using those located numbers.

Step 5

Once you have all four pieces of the password, find their sum to unlock the treasure’s location.

Treasure Location — Click here when you have the password.

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