Soldiers and Sailors Monument: honoring America’s veterans

Penn Square, Lancaster, PA 17603

On July 4, 1874, Lancaster dedicated the Soldiers and Sailors Monument that stands in the heart of Penn Square. The 43 foot tall Gothic Revival memorial was initially designed to pay tribute to Lancastrian Union soldiers killed during the Civil War. However, today it represents those who have served in all American military conflicts.

The southwest corner of the monument represents the cavalry.
A statue representing the cavalry with the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square in the background.

Five hand-carved stone figures define the monument. Four men, representing the infantry, navy, artillery, and cavalry, surround the base. The larger-than-life, robed “Genius of Liberty,” replete with body armor, drawn sword and shield, stands atop the pillar facing north.

The Genius of Liberty atop Soldiers & Sailors Monument

According to legend, this is a deliberate depiction of turning her back to the Southern states.

Check out the great image bird’s eye perspective of The Genius of Liberty from The Drone Geek.

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