Episodes 6 of ‘On the Edge with Lauren’ now available on YouTube

Episode 6 of On the Edge with Lauren is now available on YouTube!


In this week’s show, I discuss land baron and British Loyalist James Rankin of York County. In early 1778 Rankin allegedly buried a hoard of gold and silver somewhere on this property after Pennsylvania passed a confiscation law that made it illegal to be a British Loyalist.

Rankin had a good reason to hid anything of value. He had remained a British loyalist throughout the conflict. Furthermore, Rankin had involved himself in a conspiracy to bring British troops across the Susquehanna into York. Don’t forget that Rankin was a ferry owner.

When news of the Loyalist plot leaked, Rankin was dubbed a “traitor” and arrested. Somehow Rankin was able to escape from jail though, and he fled to the safety of British troops. He then left for England to wait out the war.

Rankin’s long-term plan was simple. Once Great Britain crushed the rebellion, he would return and reclaim his buried fortune. Unfortunately for him, George Washington had other thoughts on the matter.

Rankin Treasure Adventure

Is there any truth to this Revolutionary War treasure tale? Find out in the latest Uncharted Lancaster adventure.

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Read more about James Rankin when you click here.

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