Secret Trust Adventure: ‘the brave loyal Normal boys’

It’s Week 4 of the Secret Trust Adventure! Up for grabs is a second-place mini-chest filled with $200. Remember that to claim this prize, you will need to successfully complete all weekly challenges in addition to finding the hidden cache.

Of course, the journey is often the reward. Anyone who finds the hidden cache described in the poem can claim a 3D printed Secret Trust Adventure commemorative medallion from the box at any time.

Week 4 Challenge

To complete this week’s challenge, start by visiting the “the brave loyal Normal boys.”

Once found, look east towards the Model, enter the town north of Mechanicsburg (all lowercase).

Remember that to unlock the final hiding place and have a shot at claiming the treasure, you need a decoder paper. Get yours when you become a member of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. Click here to join. If you missed Week 1, Week 2, or Week 3 of the Secret Trust Adventure, you can still complete them.

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